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Hurban, Patrick - Methods of Microarray Data Analysis V, ebook

Methods of Microarray Data Analysis V

Hurban, Patrick


Yamamoto, Florencia G. Leonardi, Carlos A. de B. Pereira, Hernando A. Portillo
3. Simple Methods for Peak and Valley Detection in Time Series Microarray Data
A. Sboner, A. Romanel, A. Malossini, F. Ciocchetta, F. Demichelis, I. Azzini, E. Blanzieri, R. Dell’Anna

Sidoravicius, Vladas - In and Out of Equilibrium 2, ebook

In and Out of Equilibrium 2

Sidoravicius, Vladas


Table of contents
1. Poisson Approximations via Chen-Stein for Non-Markov Processes
Miguel Abadi
2. An Inequality for Oriented 2-D Percolation
Enrique D. Andjel, Mariela Sued
3. Is Critical 2D Percolation Universal?
Vincent Beffara
4. A New REM Conjecture
Gérard Ben Arous, Véronique Gayrard,

Islam, Md. Shahidul - Hypertension: from basic research to clinical practice, ebook

Hypertension: from basic research to clinical practice

Islam, Md. Shahidul


Table of contents
1. Hypertension: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice
Md. Shahidul Islam
2. Understanding Blood Pressure Variation and Variability: Biological Importance and Clinical Significance
Gary D. James
3. Novel Pathophysiological Mechanisms in Hypertension
Rohan Samson, Andrew Lee, Sean

Livraghi, Tito - Tumor Ablation, ebook

Tumor Ablation

Livraghi, Tito


Table of contents
Section I. Introduction to Ablation
1. History of Ablation
John P. McGahan, Vanessa A. Raalte
2. Epidemiology: How to Appraise the Ablation Literature Critically
Craig Earle
3. Image-Guided Tumor Ablation: Basic Science
Muneeb Ahmed, S. Nahum Goldberg
4. Tumor Angiogenesis: General

Erian, Anthony - Advanced Surgical Facial Rejuvenation, ebook

Advanced Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Erian, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Facial Anatomy
Peter M. Prendergast
2. Facial Proportions
Peter M. Prendergast
3. Danger Zones in Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
Peter M. Prendergast
4. Muscles Used in Facial Expression
Melvin A. Shiffman
5. SMAFS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic-Fatty System): A Changed