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Kotsireas, Ilias S. - Applications of Computer Algebra, ebook

Applications of Computer Algebra

Kotsireas, Ilias S.


Table of contents
1. An Algebraic Method to Compute the Mobility of Closed-Loop Overconstrained Mechanisms
Anissa Ali, Mireille Moinet, Philippe Serre
2. Simplicial Topological Coding and Homology of Spin Networks
Vesna Berec
3. Trial…

Seiler, Werner M. - Involution, ebook


Seiler, Werner M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Werner M. Seiler
2. Formal Geometry of Differential Equations
Werner M. Seiler
3. Involution I: Algebraic Theory
Werner M. Seiler
4. Completion to Involution
Werner M. Seiler
5. Structure…

Tuynman, Gijs M. - Supermanifolds and Supergroups, ebook

Supermanifolds and Supergroups

Tuynman, Gijs M.


Table of contents
1. mathfrak{A} -graded commutative linear algebra
2. Linear algebra of free graded A-modules
3. Smooth functions and A-manifolds
4. Bundles
5. The tangent space
6. A-Lie groups
7. Connections

Iohara, Kenji - Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations, ebook

Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations

Iohara, Kenji


Monoidal Categorifications of Cluster Algebras of Type A and D
David Hernandez, Bernard Leclerc
9. A Classification of Roots of Symmetric Kac-Moody Root Systems and Its Application
Kazuki Hiroe, Toshio Oshima
10. Fermions Acting on Quasi-local

Ali, Asma - Algebra and its Applications, ebook

Algebra and its Applications

Ali, Asma


Generalized Derivations on Rings and Banach Algebras
Shervin Sahebi, Venus Rahmani
7. A Study of Suslin Matrices: Their Properties and Uses
Ravi A. Rao, Selby Jose
8. Variations on the Grothendieck–Serre Formula for Hilbert Functions and Their Applications