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Kim, Ha Won - Taurine 10, ebook

Taurine 10

Kim, Ha Won


Comparison of Urinary Excretion of Taurine Between Elderly with Dementia and Normal Elderly
Ranran Gao, Mi Ae Bae, Kyung Ja Chang, Sung Hoon Kim
6. Past Taurine Intake Has a Positive Effect on Present Cognitive Function in the Elderly
Mi Ae Bae, Ranran

Janetschek, Günther - Die Urologie, ebook

Die Urologie

Janetschek, Günther


Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS)
Markus Margreiter, Shahrokh Shariat
118. Prostatitis
Markus Margreiter, Shahrokh Shariat
119. Prostatakarzinom: Epidemiologie, Ätiologie, Prävention und Früherkennung/Screening
Manfred Wirth, Michael Fröhner

Ahram, Tareq - Intelligent Human Systems Integration, ebook

Intelligent Human Systems Integration

Ahram, Tareq


A Bionic Sphincter for Stress Urinary Incontinence: Design and Preliminary Experiments
Kenana Adem, Sarah S. Bawazir, Khulood Alameri, Gioia Lucarini, Tommaso Mazzocchi, Cesare Stefanini, Paolo Dario, Arianna Menciassi
33. Experimental Validation of Pilot Situation

He, Xingui - Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications, ebook

Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications

He, Xingui


Table of contents
1. Studies on Single Observer Passive Location Tracking Algorithm Based on LMS-PF
Jing-bo He, Sheng-liang Hu, Zhong Liu
2. Novel Methods for Extending Optical Code Set for Coherent OCDMA
Chen Peng
3. A Sequential Processing Method for Converted Measurement Kalman Filters Based on Orthogonal