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Turner, Barry - The Statesman’s Yearbook, ebook

The Statesman’s Yearbook

Turner, Barry


International Organizations
1. United Nations (UN)
Barry Turner
2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Barry Turner
3. United Nations System
Barry Turner
4. Specialized Agencies of the UN
Barry Turner
5. Other Organs Related to

 - Career Development in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, ebook

Career Development in Bioengineering and Biotechnology


Improving Public Health Quality and Equity through Effective Use of Technology
Andrei Issakov, S. Yunkap Kwankam
57. Information Sharing in the 21st Century
Vinton G. Cerf
58. Energy and Sustainability in the 21st Century
John P. Holdren

Araújo, Xosé Rúas - Media and Metamedia Management, ebook

Media and Metamedia Management

Araújo, Xosé Rúas


A Communication Law Feared and Discussed by the Press: The Case of Ecuador
Jenny J. Yaguache, Hernán Yaguana, Abel Suing
18. The Influence of Printed and Online Diaries in the Attitudes of Their Readers Towards the 2010 and 2012 Spanish General Strikes