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Veronesi, Pietro - Handbook of Fixed-Income Securities, ebook

Handbook of Fixed-Income Securities

Veronesi, Pietro


A comprehensive guide to the current theories and methodologies intrinsic to fixed-income securities
Written by well-known experts from a cross-section of academia and finance, Handbook of Fixed-Income Securities features a compilation of the most up-to-date fixed-income securities techniques

Zhang, Liangchi - Engineering Education and Management, ebook

Engineering Education and Management

Zhang, Liangchi


Research of Education about Industrial Design Based on the Modern Engineering Design Software
Ming-qian Shen, Jiang-tao Wang
35. Conceive and Construction of Engineering Training Model Based on the Concept of International CDIO Engineering Education

Merkel, Broder - The New Uranium Mining Boom, ebook

The New Uranium Mining Boom

Merkel, Broder


Uranium Mining Life-Cycle Energy Cost vs. Uranium Resources
W. Eberhard Falck
25. Making Uranium-Mining More Sustainable – The FP7 Project EO-MINERS
W. Eberhard Falck, Henk Coetzee
26. Groundwater Monitoring Data and Screening Radionuclide Transport