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Botsiou, Konstantina E. - The Balkans in the Cold War, ebook

The Balkans in the Cold War

Botsiou, Konstantina E.


Between Global and Regional Cold Wars: Turkey’s Search to Harmonize Its Security Engagements in the 1950s
Ayşegül Sever
6. The Warsaw Pact in the Balkans: The Bulgarian Perspective
Jordan Baev
Part III. Uneasy Relations with the Superpowers

Alpers, Edward A. - Connectivity in Motion, ebook

Connectivity in Motion

Alpers, Edward A.


Serendipitous Connections: The Chinese Engagements with Sri Lanka
Tansen Sen
16. Changing Connectivity in a World of Small Islands: The Role of Makassar (Sulawesi) as a Hub Under Dutch Hegemony
Jürgen G. Nagel
17. Ambon, a Spicy Hub: Connectivity at

Mangala, Jack - Africa and the New World Era, ebook

Africa and the New World Era

Mangala, Jack


India’s New Engagement of Africa: Trends and Implications
J. Peter Pham
9. Latin America-Africa Cooperation: Brazil as a Case Study
Gladys Lechini
Part III. Africa in Global and Regional Governance
10. The Evolving UN-Africa Relations since the

McClure, Laura K. - Women in Classical Antiquity: From Birth to Death, ebook

Women in Classical Antiquity: From Birth to Death

McClure, Laura K.


In addition, the author explores how women exercised authority and the possibilities for their civic engagement. This important resource: Explores the formation of classical women’s social identity through the life stages of birth, adolescence, marriage, childbirth,