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Maxwell, Catherine - Vernon Lee, ebook

Vernon Lee

Maxwell, Catherine


Performing Pacifism: The Battle between Artist and Author in The Ballet of the Nations
Grace Brockington
10. Plural Anomalies: Gender and Sexuality in Bio-Critical Readings of Vernon Lee
Jo Briggs
11. The Handling of Words: Reader Response Victorian

Atkins, G. Douglas - Literary Paths to Religious Understanding, ebook

Literary Paths to Religious Understanding

Atkins, G. Douglas


Table of contents
1. Introduction “The hint half guessed, the gift half understood”
G. Douglas Atkins
2. Essaying the Via Media: John Dryden’s Religio Laici and Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Man
G. Douglas Atkins
3. “A grander scheme of salvation than the chryst<e>ain religion”: John Keats,

Pristed, Birgitte Beck - The New Russian Book, ebook

The New Russian Book

Pristed, Birgitte Beck


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Research Design
Birgitte Beck Pristed
Part I. Russian Book Design from the Soviet Period to the Present
2. The Soviet Hardback Revolution
Birgitte Beck Pristed
3. Perestroika and Post-Soviet Redesign
Birgitte Beck Pristed
4. Russian Book Design Today

Price, Brian L. - TransLatin Joyce, ebook

TransLatin Joyce

Price, Brian L.


A Portrait of the Mexican Artist as a Young Man: Salvador Elizondo’s Dedalean Poetics
Brian L. Price
8. Mexican Antimodernism: Ulysses in Gustavo Sainz’s Obsesivos días circulares
José Luis Venegas
9. Crediting the Subject, Incorporating the Sheep:

Sarsila, Juhani  - Bitter lemons -eulogy of love and Cyprus, ebook

Bitter lemons -eulogy of love and Cyprus

Sarsila, Juhani


And the Muses continually preside over the arts, giving the inspiration that motivates a poet, an artist, a historian, or a philosopher. The gloomy uniformity of ordinary days is interrupted by sudden, strange, and intensified ‘starry’ moments in the flux of transitory

Davidson, Guy - Literary Careers in the Modern Era, ebook

Literary Careers in the Modern Era

Davidson, Guy


Inside the Writer’s Room, the Artist’s Studio and Flaubert’s Parrot
Nicola Evans
11. She Needs a Website of Her Own: The ‘Indie’ Woman Writer and Contemporary Publishing
Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, Rumsha Shahzad
12. Who Are You Calling an Author?

Salhi, Kamal - African Theatre for Development, ebook

African Theatre for Development

Salhi, Kamal


The book provides an opportunity to discover contemporary material from experts, critics and artists from across the world. The contributions are in a language and style that allow them to be read either as aids to formal study or as elements of discussion to interest

Belluc, Sylvain - Cognitive Joyce, ebook

Cognitive Joyce

Belluc, Sylvain


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sylvain Belluc, Valérie Bénéjam
2. Knowledge and Identity in Joyce
Fran O’Rourke
3. Intentionality and Epiphany: Husserl, Joyce, and the Problem of Access
Jean-Baptiste Fournier
4. Authors’ Libraries and the Extended Mind: The Case of Joyce’s Books

Laroche, Rebecca - Ecofeminist Approaches to Early Modernity, ebook

Ecofeminist Approaches to Early Modernity

Laroche, Rebecca


Ecofeminist Eve: Artists Reading Milton’s Heroine
Wendy Furman-Adams, Virginia James Tufte
2. Rethinking Early Modern Domestic Practice
5. On Elizabeth Isham’s “Oil of Swallows”: Animal Slaughter and Early Modern Women’s Medical Recipes