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Manuel, Michele V. - Magnesium Technology 2016, ebook

Magnesium Technology 2016

Manuel, Michele V.


Solid Solution Hardening in Mg-Gd-TM (TM=Ag, Zn and Zr) Alloys: An Integrated Density Functional Theory and Electron Work Function Study
William Yi Wang, Shun Li Shang, Yi Wang, Hongyeun Kim, Kristopher A. Darling, Laszlo

Williams, Edward - Light Metals 2016, ebook

Light Metals 2016

Williams, Edward


FT-IR, XPS and Density Functional Theory Study of Adsorption Mechanism of Sodium Formate onto Goethite or Hematite
Meng Wang, Huiping Hu, Qiyuan Chen, Guangfu Ji
7. Effect of Different Silica Mineral Compositions on the

Jeong, Hwa Young - Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications, ebook

Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications

Jeong, Hwa Young


Optimizing Functional Link Neural Network Learning Using Modified Bee Colony on Multi-class Classifications
Yana Mazwin Mohmad Hassim, Rozaida Ghazali
24. Adult Contents Analysis and Remote Management Framework for Parental Control Based on Android Platform

He, Xingui - Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications, ebook

Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications

He, Xingui


Nonlinear Predictive Functional Control Based on Support Vector Machine
Zhang Xin-fang, Wang Cheng-li, Su Xian-hua, Wang Qiu-jin
83. Analysis and Circuit Simulation of a New Four-Dimensional Lorenz Time-Delay Chaotic System
Cui Zhiyong, Fan Zhongkui, Cao

Grandfield, John - Light Metals 2014, ebook

Light Metals 2014

Grandfield, John


Current Efficiency in Aluminium Reduction Cells: Theories, Models, Concepts, and Speculations
Asbjørn Solheim
128. Effect of Current Density and Phosphorus Species on Current Efficiency in Aluminum Electrolysis at High