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Cames, Martin - Micro Cogeneration, ebook

Micro Cogeneration

Cames, Martin


Table of contents
1. Micro Cogeneration Technology
Martin Pehnt
2. Dynamics of Socio-Technical Change: Micro Cogeneration in Energy System Transformation Scenarios
Jan-Peter Voß, Corinna Fischer
3. The Future Heating Market and the Potential for Micro Cogeneration
Martin Pehnt, Lambert Schneider

Dallas, Michael F - Value and Risk Management: A Guide to Best Practice, ebook

Value and Risk Management: A Guide to Best Practice

Dallas, Michael F


Published on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Building with cross-industry institutional support Combines value and risk management which are often considered, wrongly, in isolation Makes a complicated subject accessible to a wide audience of construction practitioners

Wuts, Peter G. M. - Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis, ebook

Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis

Wuts, Peter G. M.


should be an integral part of all institutional libraries...it is also highly recommended that individuals...maintain their own copy..." (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, March 8, 2007) "...continues to be a comprehensive guide to the techniques for the formation and