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Imura, Hidefumi - Environmental Issues in China Today, ebook

Environmental Issues in China Today

Imura, Hidefumi


Table of contents
1. Environmental Problems: Borderless
Hidefumi Imura
2. Environmental Issues in China: An Overview from Japan
Hidefumi Imura
3. Resource Consumption: Economy with Sound Material Cycles Needed
Hidefumi Imura

Behnassi, Mohamed - Global Food Insecurity, ebook

Global Food Insecurity

Behnassi, Mohamed


Table of contents
1. A New Conceptual Framework for Assessing Rural Development Performance: Sustainability of Scale, Scope and Integration
Kiyotada Hayashi
2. A Knowledge Approach to Sustainable Agriculture
Jesús Rosales Carreón, René J. Jorna, Niels Faber, Rob Haren
3. Sustainable Agriculture Ensures

Brauch, Hans Günter - Facing Global Environmental Change, ebook

Facing Global Environmental Change

Brauch, Hans Günter


Turkey: Energy Security and Central Asia: The Politics and Economics of the So-called Great Game
Gareth M. Winrow
31. Towards a Sustainable Energy System for Africa: An African Perspective on Energy Security
Nogoye Thiam
32. Energy Security: Economic,

Braun, Joachim von - Marginality, ebook


Braun, Joachim von


Exclusion and Initiatives to ‘Include’: Revisiting Basic Economics to Guide Development Practice
Sajjad Zohir
4. Marginality from a Socio-ecological Perspective
Daniel Callo-Concha, Jan Henning Sommer, Janina Kleemann, Franz W. Gatzweiler, Manfred

Janssen, Rainer - Bioenergy for Sustainable Development in Africa, ebook

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development in Africa

Janssen, Rainer


Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives: Lessons from Case Studies in Asia, Latin America and Africa
Steven Hunt, Thalia Konaris, Raffaella Bellanca, Grant Ballard-Tremeer
28. Gender Issues of Biomass Production and Use in Africa
Francesca Farioli, Touria Dafrallah

Finkbeiner, Matthias - Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management, ebook

Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management

Finkbeiner, Matthias


Table of contents
1. Integrating Sustainability Considerations into Product Development: A Practical Tool for Prioritising Social Sustainability Indicators and Experiences from Real Case Application
Gustav Sandin, Greg Peters, Annica Pilgård, Magdalena Svanström, Mats Westin
2. A Life Cycle Stakeholder Management

Fujimori, Shinichiro - Post-2020 Climate Action, ebook

Post-2020 Climate Action

Fujimori, Shinichiro


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Overview and Key Messages
Mikiko Kainuma, Shinichiro Fujimori, Toshihiko Masui
2. Implications of the Paris Agreement in the Context of Long-Term Climate Mitigation Goals
Shinichiro Fujimori, Xuanming Su, Jing-Yu Liu, Tomoko Hasegawa, Kiyoshi Takahashi, Toshihiko Masui, Maho