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Alcock, Sophie Jane - Young Children Playing, ebook

Young Children Playing

Alcock, Sophie Jane


Young Children Being Playful in Three Early Childhood Care and Education Settings: Connecting and Communicating
3. The Intersubjective in-between-ness in Young Children’s Playfulness

Pattnaik, Jyotsna - Father Involvement in Young Children’s Lives, ebook

Father Involvement in Young Children’s Lives

Pattnaik, Jyotsna


Father Involvement in Young Children’s Care and Education in Southern Africa
Jeremiah Chikovore, Tawanda Makusha, Linda Richter
16. Fathering in India
Rajalakshmi Sriram, Prachee Navalkar
17. Fathers’ Role in Chinese Children’s Education

Black, Paul - The Challenge of Teaching, ebook

The Challenge of Teaching

Black, Paul


Benefits of Integrated Learning Support for Early Childhood Children When Learning Sight Words
Ashley Lidbetter
7. Impact of Literacy Sessions on the Reading Abilities of Indigenous Students
Melanie Zanki
8. Choose

Majhanovich, Suzanne - Education and Social Justice, ebook

Education and Social Justice

Majhanovich, Suzanne


Quality and Equity in Early Childhood Care in Peru
Regina Moromizato Izu
11. Cultural Complexity, Postcolonial Perspectives, and Educational Change: Challenges for Comparative Educators

Maxwell, T.W. - Education in Bhutan, ebook

Education in Bhutan

Maxwell, T.W.


Table of contents
1. Education in Bhutan: Introduction
Matthew J. Schuelka, T. W. (Tom) Maxwell
Part I. Historical Perspectives
2. Overview and ‘Heart Essence’ of the Bhutanese Education System
Pema Thinley
3. The History and Development of Monastic Education in Bhutan
Zangley Dukpa
4. History