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Amann, Wolfgang - The Financial Crisis, ebook

The Financial Crisis

Amann, Wolfgang


Enabling Holistic Finance Education in Turbulent Times
Wolfgang Amann
8. Actual Problems of Finance Teaching in Ukraine in the Post-Crisis Period
Serhiy Lyeonov, Olga Liuta
9. Executive Compensation and Risk Taking: The Impact of Systemic Crises

Patterson, Kathleen - Leading an African Renaissance, ebook

Leading an African Renaissance

Patterson, Kathleen


Perspectives in Moving Forward: Holistic Leadership, Hope, Elders and Stories
7. Accelerating Africa’s Renaissance Using Contextual Holistic Leadership Development
Timothy Mwangi Kiruhi
8. African Leadership Insights:

Jupp, Stephen - New Ways of Working, ebook

New Ways of Working

Jupp, Stephen


Holistic schemes give benefits in all areas: * Business (goals, cost, service) * Organisation (clarity, simplicity) * People (flexibility, personal life, attitude, productivity) * Property (fit for purpose, huge savings) * Technology (clearly linked

Tencati, Antonio - The Future International Manager, ebook

The Future International Manager

Tencati, Antonio


Table of contents
1. Business as a Profession
Laszlo Zsolnai
2. The Need for Managers as Reflective Practitioners
Sven Junghagen
3. Achieving Environmental Sustainability
Antonio Tencati, Stefano Pogutz, Carlos Romero
4. Developing Social Responsibility
Steen Vallentin
5. Managing Gender and

Hanna, Nagy K. - Enabling Enterprise Transformation, ebook

Enabling Enterprise Transformation

Hanna, Nagy K.


Table of contents
1. An ICT-Enabled Innovation and Enterprise Transformation
Nagy K. Hanna
2. Implications of the ICT Revolution for Business
Nagy K. Hanna
3. Strategic Options for Private Sector Development
Nagy K. Hanna
4. Transforming Enterprises: Innovation, Networking and Diffusion
Nagy K.