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Arvanitopoulos, Constantine - Reforming Europe, ebook

Reforming Europe

Arvanitopoulos, Constantine


The ‘Strong State’ Paradigm: Good Government and the State in Central and Eastern Europe – Why Do We Need a Stronger State?
Gábor G. Fodor
12. The European Centre-Right and European Integration: The Formative Years

Watanabe, Lisa - Securing Europe, ebook

Securing Europe

Watanabe, Lisa


Table of contents
Part I. Europeanization: Analytical Framework
1. Introduction
Lisa Watanabe
2. A Sociological Institutionalist Approach to Europeanization
Lisa Watanabe
Part II. The Case Studies
3. The European Security and Defence Policy
Lisa Watanabe
4. Justice and Home Affairs Post-September

Hanappi, Hardy - Society and Economics in Europe, ebook

Society and Economics in Europe

Hanappi, Hardy


Questioning the Social Efficiency of Computerization in an Enlarged Europe: The Lithuanian Case
Kristina Levisauskaite, Violeta Pukeliene, Jone Kalendiene
9. Bulgarian Social Partners and the Information Society: A Cursory Acquaintance
Rumiana Gladicheva

Blanke, Herm.-Josef - Governing Europe under a Constitution, ebook

Governing Europe under a Constitution

Blanke, Herm.-Josef


Fundamental Rights in Central and Eastern Europe: A Basic Analysis
Rainer Arnold
17. Protection of Fundamental Rights afforded by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg
Hermann-Josef Blanke
18. The legal relationship

DeBardeleben, Joan - Economic Crisis in Europe, ebook

Economic Crisis in Europe

DeBardeleben, Joan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joan DeBardeleben, Crina Viju
Part I. The Economic Crisis in the European Union
2. Macroeconomic Impacts of the 2008–09 Crisis in Europe
András Inotai
3. EU Institutions Face the Great Recession: How Has the Machinery Worked?
George Ross
4. Fiscal Crises in the

Ghazaryan, Sargis - Europe’s Next Avoidable War, ebook

Europe’s Next Avoidable War

Ghazaryan, Sargis


Europe’s Next Avoidable War: The Peace Rationale
15. Conflict and Security in Nagorno-Karabakh: What Contribution from the EU?
Peter Semneby
16. Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: The Golden Apple of Discord or a Toy That Two Have Failed to Share
Geysar Gurbanov

Aslan, Ednan - Islam, Religions, and Pluralism in Europe, ebook

Islam, Religions, and Pluralism in Europe

Aslan, Ednan


Western Europe – Issues of Plurality in Pedagogy and Society
7. Pluralism of Religions or Pluralism based on Neutrality?
Friedrich Schweitzer
8. Teaching and Learning about Religion between Religious Plurality and Secularism
Henning Schluß, Christine