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Poggi, Gianfranco - Forms of Power, ebook

Forms of Power

Poggi, Gianfranco


Political power is often viewed as the sole embodiment of 'social power', even while we recognize that social power manifests itself in different forms and institutional spheres. This new book by Gianfranco Poggi suggests that the three principal forms of social power - the economic, the

Trench, Alan - Has Devolution Made a Difference?, ebook

Has Devolution Made a Difference?

Trench, Alan


This book is the fourth volume of a major five-year research programme on devolution funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The programme comprises eleven Constitution Unit research projects, underwritten by a regular series of monitoring reports. This book…

Trench, Alan - The Dynamics of Devolution, ebook

The Dynamics of Devolution

Trench, Alan


Chapters examine the key topics in devolution, and examine the interplay between institutional change and social, economic and political forces (both those that existed before devolution and those brought into being by it). This interplay creates scope for varying

Trench, Alan - The State of the Nations 2008, ebook

The State of the Nations 2008

Trench, Alan


The State of the Nations 2008: Into the third term of devolution in the United Kingdom is the sixth publication of a major research programme into devolution in the United Kingdom, published on behalf of the Constitution Unit at University College London.…

Galvan, Dennis - Reconfiguring Institutions Across Time and Space, ebook

Reconfiguring Institutions Across Time and Space

Galvan, Dennis


The Dilemma of Institutional Adaptation and the Role of Syncretism
Dennis Galvan, Rudra Sil
Part One. Political Institutions
2. Syncretism and Local-Level Democracy in Rural Senegal
Dennis Galvan
3. Institutional Syncretism and the Chinese Armed

Schiemann, John W. - The Politics of Pact-Making, ebook

The Politics of Pact-Making

Schiemann, John W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John W. Schiemann
2. Pact-Making, Bargaining, and Institutional Choice
John W. Schiemann
3. Pact-Making in Hungary: The 1989 Hungarian Roundtable Talks
John W. Schiemann
4. Presidentialism, Parliamentarism, and Opposition Intransigence: The Presidency
John W.