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Joyce, Richard - A World Without Values, ebook

A World Without Values

Joyce, Richard


Table of contents
1. Against Ethics
John P. Burgess
2. Nihilism, Nietzsche, and the Doppelganger Problem
Charles R. Pigden
3. Patterns of Objectification
Richard Joyce
4. Mackie’s Internalisms
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Roughley, Neil - Wanting and Intending, ebook

Wanting and Intending

Roughley, Neil


Table of contents
Part I. Wanting
1. The Question of Motivational Unity: Historical Preliminaries
Neil Roughley
2. Motivational States
Neil Roughley
3. Wanting* and Its Symptoms
Neil Roughley
4. Expressive Explication and…

Schuster, John - Descartes-Agonistes, ebook


Schuster, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Problems of Descartes and the Scientific Revolution
John Schuster
2. Conceptual and Historiographical Foundations—Natural Philosophy, Mixed Mathematics, Physico-mathematics, Method
John Schuster

Irvine, Elizabeth - Consciousness as a Scientific Concept, ebook

Consciousness as a Scientific Concept

Irvine, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. The Scientific Study of Consciousness
Elizabeth Irvine
2. Subjective Measures of Consciousness
Elizabeth Irvine
3. Measures of Consciousness and the Method of Qualitative Differences
Elizabeth Irvine

Manninen, Juha - The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries, ebook

The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries

Manninen, Juha


Table of contents
A.. The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries
1. Arne Naess — Dogmas and Problems of Empiricism
Friedrich Stadler
2. Niels Bohr and the Vienna Circle
Jan Faye
3. Between the Vienna Circle and Ludwig Wittgenstein…

Roberts, Melinda A. - Harming Future Persons, ebook

Harming Future Persons

Roberts, Melinda A.


Table of contents
Part I. Can Bringing a Person into Existence Harm That Person? Can an Act That Harms No One Be Wrong?
1. The Intractability of the Nonidentity Problem
David Heyd
Part II. If Bringing a Badly Off Person into Existence is…

Bongiovanni, Giorgio - Reasonableness and Law, ebook

Reasonableness and Law

Bongiovanni, Giorgio


Table of contents
Part I. Legal, Political and Constitutional Theory
1. The Reasonableness of the Law
Robert Alexy
2. A Sufficientist Approach to Reasonableness in Legal Decision-Making and Judicial Review
Giovanni Sartor
3. Reasonableness,…

Sharpe, Matthew - Secularisations and Their Debates, ebook

Secularisations and Their Debates

Sharpe, Matthew


Table of contents
Part I. Secularizations
1. Introduction: Secularization and Its Discontents
Matthew Sharpe, Dylan Nickelson
2. Disenchantments of Secularism: The West and India
Purushottama Bilimoria
3. Locke, Secularism and the…