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Cowlin, Chris - The London Underground Quiz Book, ebook

The London Underground Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Brief Description: Are you a regular commuter on the London Underground? Do you use the tube to get around for business or pleasure? Or maybe you have travelled on the underground during a visit to the UK capital? If so, just how much can you remember about the world’s oldest underground system? Which tube station is the busiest,

Suarez, Luis - Luis Suarez - Minun tarinani, ebook

Luis Suarez - Minun tarinani

Suarez, Luis


Hän on myös se pelaaja, joka on ainoana ulkomaalaisena tehnyt yli 100 maalia Ajax Amsterdamin riveissä ja ollut Liverpoolissa kauden paras maalitykki. Nykyisin Suárez pelaa hyökkääjänä Barcelonassa ja edustaa myös Uruguayn maajoukkuetta. Kirja vie lukijan

Cowlin, Chris - The Wanted Quiz Book, ebook

The Wanted Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


In which month during 2011 did The Wanted release their second studio album titled 'Battleground'? At what venue in Liverpool did The Wanted perform during February 2012? Which one of the group’s songs was nominated for the BRIT award for best British single in 2012?

Gildart, Keith - Images of England through Popular Music, ebook

Images of England through Popular Music

Gildart, Keith


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Keith Gildart
Part I. Teddy Boy England
2. Soundcheck: Buddy Holly and the ‘Lemon Drop Kid’, Wigan, England, Tuesday 18 March 1958
Keith Gildart
3. Coal, Cotton and Rock ‘n’ Roll in North West England
Keith Gildart
4. Exploring London’s

Fincham, Ben - Mobile Methodologies, ebook

Mobile Methodologies

Fincham, Ben


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ben Fincham, Mark McGuinness, Lesley Murray
Part I. Driving the Mobile
2. Contextualising and Mobilising Research
Lesley Murray
3. Mixing Methods in the Search for Mobile Complexity
Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Katrine Hartmann-Petersen, Lise Drewes Nielsen
4. In-vivo

Petrie, Stephanie - Controversies in Policy Research, ebook

Controversies in Policy Research

Petrie, Stephanie


Table of contents
1. Policy Contexts, Consequences and Controversies
Stephanie Petrie
Section I. Justice
2. ’Victims’ and European Policy Initiatives: Symbolism or Meaningful Progress?
Sandra Walklate
3. Stalking - the Portuguese Case: Discursive Constructions of Stalking and Their Implications

Blaney, Gerald - Policing Interwar Europe, ebook

Policing Interwar Europe

Blaney, Gerald


Traffic, Telephones and Police Boxes: The Deterioration of Beat Policing in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester Between the World Wars
Joanne Klein

Division, The 30th - A Brief History of the 30th Division, ebook

A Brief History of the 30th Division

Division, The 30th


It was the senior division of Kitchener’s Fourth New Army and was an entirely Lancashire division: the infantry came from the King’s (Liverpool) and the Manchesters, all Pals battalions, while the artillery, engineers and signals were all designated County Palatine.