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Bartl, Christoph - Bisphosphonates in Medical Practice, ebook

Bisphosphonates in Medical Practice

Bartl, Christoph


Table of contents
1. The Skeleton
2. Disorders of Bone
3. Bisphosphonates
4. Osteoporotic Syndrome
5. Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis
6. Tumor and Chemotherapy Induced Osteoporosis
7. Transplantation Osteoporosis
8. Immobilisation…

Abel, Thomas - Health and Modernity, ebook

Health and Modernity

Abel, Thomas


Modernity, Public Health, and Health Promotion
Louise Potvin, David V. McQueen
4. Critical Issues in Theory for Health Promotion
David V. McQueen
5. Cultural Capital in Health Promotion
Thomas Abel
6. Understanding

Gauthier, Candace C. - Evidence-Based Medical Ethics, ebook

Evidence-Based Medical Ethics

Gauthier, Candace C.


When a Patient's Health Care Agent Does Not Fulfill Her Obligations
7. When Coercion Dictates Care
8. When a Spouse Is Estranged
9. When a Patient Is Behaving Badly
10. When a Patient Becomes Agitated
11. When Patient Behavior Constitutes Abuse

Elm, Susanna - Quo Vadis Medical Healing, ebook

Quo Vadis Medical Healing

Elm, Susanna


How Political Is the Future of Health Care? Allocating Scarce Resources in Liberal Democracy
Annette Schulz-Baldes
2. The Concept of Disease and Medical Action — A Reciprocal Relationship and Its Relevance to Modern Medicine

Taylor, Robert B. - The Clinician’s Guide to Medical Writing, ebook

The Clinician’s Guide to Medical Writing

Taylor, Robert B.


Table of contents
1. Getting Started in Medical Writing
2. Basic Writing Skills
3. From Page One to the End
4. Technical Issues in Medical Writing
5. What’s Special About Medical Writing?
6. How to Write a Review Article
7. Case Reports, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews, and Other Publication

Black, Robert E. - Global Health Leadership and Management, ebook

Global Health Leadership and Management

Black, Robert E.


Written by an international panel of distinguished global health experts, this book distills valuable lessons from a wide variety of successful health programs that have been implemented around the world. Global Health