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Kandiah, Michael D. - Britain in Global Politics Volume 2, ebook

Britain in Global Politics Volume 2

Kandiah, Michael D.


Britain, the United States and the Issue of ‘Limited War’ with China, 1950–54
Kevin Ruane
5. ‘To Stay or to Walk’: The British and the Defence of Domestic Jurisdiction at the United Nations, 1950–56
Edward Johnson
6. ‘A Cardinal Point

Wyrall, Everard - The Nineteenth Division, ebook

The Nineteenth Division

Wyrall, Everard


The division was at the Somme for the early battles of the offensive, its great achievement was the capture of La Boisselle after intensive fighting during the period 2–5 July. It was here that 34th Division had suffered the highest casualties of any division on

Fairbairn, W. E. - All-in Fighting, ebook

All-in Fighting

Fairbairn, W. E.


At the outbreak of the Second World War, he was recruited by Britain's Special Operations Executive as an Instructor in unarmed combat and expounded the deadly mysteries of attack and defence to scores of trainee agents about to

Emeljanow, Victor - War and Theatrical Innovation, ebook

War and Theatrical Innovation

Emeljanow, Victor


The Greek Tragic Chorus and Its Training for War: Movement, Music and Harmony in Theatrical and Military Performance
Will Shüler
2. Cultural Camouflage: Acting Identities in World War 2 Espionage
Fraser Stevens
3. The Scenographer as Camoufleur