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Naum, Magdalena - Scandinavian Colonialism  and the Rise of Modernity, ebook

Scandinavian Colonialism and the Rise of Modernity

Naum, Magdalena


Materialities on the Move: Identity and Material Culture Among the Forest Finns in Seventeenth-Century Sweden and America
Fredrik Ekengren
Part III. Venturing Into the World: Scandinavian Colonies in America, Africa and Asia
10. Sweden in the Delaware Valley:

Luo, Shi Ming - Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, ebook

Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

Luo, Shi Ming


Table of contents
Part 1. History
1. Historical Examples of Allelopathy and Ethnobotany from the Mediterranean Region
Giovanni Aliotta, Azim U. Mallik, Antonino Pollio
2. Allelopathy: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities
Azim U. Mallik
3. Allelopathy in Chinese Ancient and Modern Agriculture

Radkau, Joachim - Wood: A History, ebook

Wood: A History

Radkau, Joachim

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The whole forest and timber industry often strikes the outsider as a world unto itself, a hermetically sealed black box, but when we lift the lid on this box, as Radkau does here, we will be surprised by what we find within.

McAdam, Jim - Agroforestry in Europe, ebook

Agroforestry in Europe

McAdam, Jim


Role of Various Woody Species in Spanish Mediterranean Forest and Scrubland as Food Resources for Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica Schinz) and Red Deer (Cervus elaphus L.)
T. Martínez
12. Agroforestry Systems in Italy: Traditions Towards Modern Management

Masters, Judith - Leaping Ahead, ebook

Leaping Ahead

Masters, Judith


Population Genetics, Parasitism, and Long-Term Population Dynamics of Microcebus murinus in Littoral Forest Fragments of South-Eastern Madagascar
Jörg U. Ganzhorn, Andreas Hapke, Petra Lahann, Brigitte Raharivololona, Jean-Baptiste Ramanamanjato, Ernest Refaly,

Lacey, Lawrence A. - Field Manual of Techniques in Invertebrate Pathology, ebook

Field Manual of Techniques in Invertebrate Pathology

Lacey, Lawrence A.


Table of contents
Section I. Introduction
1. Introduction to microbial control
Harry K. Kaya, Lawrence A. Lacey
2. Theory and practice of microbial insecticide application
Andrew C. Chapple, Roger A. Downer, Roy P. Bateman
Section II. Statistical Considerations
3. Experimental design: statistical considerations