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Secret Love

Secret Love

Cartland, Barbara


He especially enjoys secret weekend house parties at his friends' country houses - usually a party of ten and each gentleman brings with him a lady of his choice. To Robbie's consternation the Prince of Wales suggests he should visit Creswell Court where he had heard

The Secret Door

The Secret Door

Shinn, Florence Scovel


If we can live by faith instead of fear, we have found the secret door to success that she speaks of. Scovel Shinn devoted her life to helping people recognize the link between their attitudes and their level of happiness. A relaxed state of expectancy, she taught,

Hall, Arthur - The Secret Assassin, ebook

The Secret Assassin

Hall, Arthur


The body lying on its back before us was unquestionably that of the man who had attempted to kill Holmes and I with explosives, at Glenbury Gardens. He wore the same dark clothing, although his hat was gone, and the hare lip was a livid scar on his pallid…

Rixon, Les - The Secret Bullet, ebook

The Secret Bullet

Rixon, Les


Richard Reynolds is a solicitor in a small town in the South of England. He is about to get married to Mary, a nurse, and he becomes involved in the aftermath of the tragic death of Mary's father, who was a local police inspector killed in a car accident.…