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Buchanan, Nina K. - The Wiley Handbook of School Choice, ebook

The Wiley Handbook of School Choice

Buchanan, Nina K.


The Wiley Handbook of School Choice presents a comprehensive collection of original essays addressing the wide range of alternatives to traditional public schools available in contemporary US society.
A comprehensive collection of the latest research findings on school choices in

Meyer, Elizabeth J. - Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools, ebook

Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools

Meyer, Elizabeth J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Learn About Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools?
Elizabeth J. Meyer
2. Understanding Sex and Gender
Elizabeth J. Meyer
3. Understanding Sexuality
Elizabeth J. Meyer
4. Integrating Gender and Sexual Diversity Across the Curriculum
Elizabeth J. Meyer

Maclean, Rupert - Life in Schools and Classrooms, ebook

Life in Schools and Classrooms

Maclean, Rupert


Life in Schools and Classrooms: Past, Present and Future (An Overview)
Rupert Maclean
2. The Research and Writing of Professor Maurice Galton: His Contribution to the Field
John Williamson
Part II. Historical, International and Policy Perspectives

Crisfield, Eowyn - Linguistic and Cultural Innovation in Schools, ebook

Linguistic and Cultural Innovation in Schools

Crisfield, Eowyn


Dynamic Multilingualism in International Schools: German European School, Singapore
Eowyn Crisfield
5. From One to Many: Bilingual Education in a Monolingual Context, Europa School
Jane Spiro, Jackie Holderness
6. Moving from “English Only” to Multilingual

Phillippo, Kate - Advisory in Urban High Schools, ebook

Advisory in Urban High Schools

Phillippo, Kate


Advisor Role Structure: How Schools Support or Undermine Expanded Teacher Roles
Kate Phillippo
4. Consistency and Variation in Teachers’ Implementation of the Advisor Role
Kate Phillippo
5. The Toolbox and How Teachers Used It: Individual Characteristics

Hochschild, Jennifer L. - The American Dream and the Public Schools, ebook

The American Dream and the Public Schools

Hochschild, Jennifer L.


The American Dream and the Public Schools examines issues that have excited and divided Americans for years, including desegregation, school funding, testing, vouchers, bilingual education, multicultural education, and ability grouping. These seem to be separate problems,

Sulej, Julian C. - Rethinking Business Schools, ebook

Rethinking Business Schools

Sulej, Julian C.


Table of contents
1. The Starting Point
Julian C. Sulej
Part I. Where Are We Now? The Current Reality
2. Tier 1 — Traditional/Elite Universities: Case Studies
Julian C. Sulej
3. Tier 1 — Case Study 1: University A
Julian C. Sulej
4. Tier 1 — Case Study 2: University B
Julian C. Sulej

Gu, Mingyuan - Portraits of Chinese Schools, ebook

Portraits of Chinese Schools

Gu, Mingyuan


High Quality Schools in China: Demonstration Senior Middle Schools
Mingyuan Gu, Jiansheng Ma, Jun Teng
15. Conglomeration as an Organizational Innovation in China’s School Education
Mingyuan Gu, Jiansheng Ma, Jun Teng
16. Epilogue: Colorful and Dynamic