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Armstrong, Adrian C. - Here For Our Children's Children?, ebook

Here For Our Children's Children?

Armstrong, Adrian C.


By seeing how protagonists approach the same situation from different assumptions, some of the origins of environmental conflict may be established, and ways of resolving conflict can be identified. There

American Dental Association, ADA - CEO Crash Course, ebook

CEO Crash Course

American Dental Association, ADA


Seasoned practitioners and top practice management consultants give insight about developing and implementing leadership skills, striking a work-life balance, meeting your bottom line, resolving conflict, inspiring your team, and

Kessler, Eric H. - Management Theory in Action, ebook

Management Theory in Action

Kessler, Eric H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction We See It All too Often…
Eric H. Kessler
Section I. Micro Management (You): The Individual
2. Knowing Oneself Truly
Eric H. Kessler
3. Managing Time and Stress
Eric H. Kessler
4. Perceiving and Understanding Accurately
Eric H. Kessler
5. Making Better

Cribb, Alan - Health Promotion and Professional Ethics, ebook

Health Promotion and Professional Ethics

Cribb, Alan


It aims to provide a rationale for the underlying value of health promotion and for resolving value conflicts. To what extent should an individual be obliged to contribute to the collective health of a society? Should a society be more concerned to promote health than

Richmond, Oliver P. - Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding, ebook

Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding

Richmond, Oliver P.


Training Goldfish (in a Desert): Transforming Political Economies of Conflict Using Voluntarism, Regulation and Supervision
Neil Cooper
Part 3. Developing Agendas
18. Culture: Challenges and Possibilities
Morgan Brigg
19. Gilding the Lily? International

 - Designing Organizations, ebook

Designing Organizations


The Conflict Between Contingency and Institutional Theories of Organizational Design
Lex Donaldson
3. Resolving the Conflict Between Contingency and Institutional Theories of Organizational Design
Lex Donaldson
4. Comparing Evolutionary and Contingency