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Gabbay, Dov M. - Approaches to Legal Rationality, ebook

Approaches to Legal Rationality

Gabbay, Dov M.


Table of contents
1. Aristotle on the Ways and Means of Rhetoric
Michel Crubellier
2. Cicero on Conditional Right
Fosca Mariani Zini
3. Inductive Topics and Reorganization of a Classification
Pol Boucher
4. Formal and Informal…

Munro, Alistair - Bounded Rationality and Public Policy, ebook

Bounded Rationality and Public Policy

Munro, Alistair


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Alistair Munro
3. Anomalies
Alistair Munro
4. Information, Learning and Markets
Alistair Munro
5. Markets and Reference Dependent Preferences
Alistair Munro
6. Welfare

Townley, Barbara - Reason's Neglect : Rationality and Organizing, ebook

Reason's Neglect : Rationality and Organizing

Townley, Barbara


Yet the 'rationalization' of working processes, or the 'rationality' studied in social sciences, is all too often, used, understood, and interpreted in an extremely narrow sense. This book sets out to rectify this neglect. - ;Reason, and the need to Be Rational, are

Gigerenzer, Gerd - Rationality for Mortals : How People Cope with Uncertainty, ebook

Rationality for Mortals : How People Cope with Uncertainty

Gigerenzer, Gerd


Gerd Gigerenzer's influential work examines the rationality of individuals not from the perspective of logic or probability, but from the point of view of adaptation to the real world of human behavior and interaction with the environment. Seen from this perspective, human behavior is more