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Nikolaidis, Yiannis - Quality Management in Reverse Logistics, ebook

Quality Management in Reverse Logistics

Nikolaidis, Yiannis


A Framework for Evaluating the Social Responsibility Quality of Reverse Logistics
Ioannis E. Nikolaou, Konstantinos I. Evangelinos
5. Quality Assurance and Consumer Electronics Recycling
Robert Sroufe
6. Quality Assurance in Remanufacturing with Sensor

Li, Shaoyuan - Distributed Model Predictive Control for Plant-Wide Systems, ebook

Distributed Model Predictive Control for Plant-Wide Systems

Li, Shaoyuan


A comprehensive examination of DMPC theory and its technological applications
• A comprehensive examination of DMPC theory and its technological applications from basic through to advanced level
• A systematic introduction to DMPC technology providing classic DMPC coordination strategies, analysis of their performance,

Sadovnichiy, Victor A. - Advances in Dynamical Systems and Control, ebook

Advances in Dynamical Systems and Control

Sadovnichiy, Victor A.


Billiard Systems as the Models for the Rigid Body Dynamics
Victoria V. Fokicheva, Anatoly T. Fomenko
3. Uniform Global Attractors for Nonautonomous Evolution Inclusions
Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky, Pavlo O. Kasyanov
4. Minimal Networks: A Review

Smith, Cecil L. - Control of Batch Processes, ebook

Control of Batch Processes

Smith, Cecil L.


Gives a real world explanation of how to analyze and troubleshoot a process control system in a batch process plant
• Explains how to analyze the requirements for controlling a batch process, develop the

Tzafestas, Spyros - Web-Based Control and Robotics Education, ebook

Web-Based Control and Robotics Education

Tzafestas, Spyros


Teaching Control and Robotics Using the Web
Spyros G. Tzafestas
2. Control System Design and Analysis Education via the Web
Harry H. Cheng, Bo Chen, David Ko
3. Web Based Control Teaching
Suzana Uran, Riko Šafarič
4. Web-Based Control

Wang, Wego - Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems, ebook

Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems

Wang, Wego


The Analysis of Coating Quality of Thin Copper Film Prepared by Wire Exploding Spray Coating Method
Jiazhi Yang, Cunbo Jiang, Xingming Fan, Fei Yang, Shengli Yi, Fan Yang
8. Separation Criterion Based on Apparent Impedance Angle
Chunjie Chen, Zhonglei

Hoceini, Said - Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia, ebook

Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia

Hoceini, Said


Based on a convergence of network technologies, the Next Generation Network (NGN) is being deployed to carry high quality video and voice data. In fact, the convergence of network technologies has been driven by the converging needs of end-users.
The perceived end-to-end quality