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Rakocevic, Goran - Computational Medicine in Data Mining and Modeling, ebook

Computational Medicine in Data Mining and Modeling

Rakocevic, Goran


Machine Learning-Based Imputation of Missing SNP Genotypes in SNP Genotype Arrays
Aleksandar R. Mihajlovic
7. Computer Modeling of Atherosclerosis
Nenad Filipovic, Milos Radovic, Velibor Isailovic, Zarko Milosevic, Dalibor Nikolic, Igor Saveljic, Tijana

Palumbo, Francesco - Data Analysis and Classification, ebook

Data Analysis and Classification

Palumbo, Francesco


Comparing Approaches for Clustering Mixed Mode Data: An Application in Marketing Research
Isabella Morlini, Sergio Zani
7. The Progressive Single Linkage Algorithm Based on Minkowski Ultrametrics
Sergio Scippacercola
8. Visualization of Model-Based

Chambers, R. L. - Analysis of Survey Data, ebook

Analysis of Survey Data

Chambers, R. L.


This book is concerned with statistical methods for the analysis of data collected from a survey. A survey could consist of data collected from a questionnaire or from measurements, such as those taken as part of a quality control process. Concerned

Batagelj, Vladimir - Data Science and Classification, ebook

Data Science and Classification

Batagelj, Vladimir


Improving the Performance of Principal Components for Classification of Gene Expression Data Through Feature Selection
Edgar Acuña, Jaime Porras
36. A New Efficient Method for Assessing Missing Nucleotides in DNA Sequences

Boogaart, K. Gerald van den - Analyzing Compositional Data with R, ebook

Analyzing Compositional Data with R

Boogaart, K. Gerald van den


Table of contents
1. Introduction
K. Gerald Boogaart, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado
2. Fundamental Concepts of Compositional Data Analysis
K. Gerald Boogaart, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado
3. Distributions for Random Compositions
K. Gerald Boogaart, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado
4. Descriptive Analysis of Compositional

Kroonenberg, Pieter M. - Applied Multiway Data Analysis, ebook

Applied Multiway Data Analysis

Kroonenberg, Pieter M.


This book presents a unique, thorough, and authoritative treatment of this relatively new and emerging approach to data analysis. Using carefully laid out examples and engaging applications, the book begins with a general overview of multiway analysis, including the types of problems it