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Jones, Sally - Looking at Peoples Lives, ebook

Looking at Peoples Lives

Jones, Sally


The booklets provide ‘a tutor’ for the child, fun features and stories to read, follow up activities to complete, harder vocabulary to prepare children for more advanced writing and many helpful tips and techniques to improve writing style. Written by an experienced

Astor, Bart - CliffsNotes<sup>TM</sup> Understanding Life Insurance, ebook

CliffsNotesTM Understanding Life Insurance

Astor, Bart


Cliffs Notes: Understanding Life Insurance is the perfect tool for anyone confused by the difficult language of life insurance. Uncover the myths and realities of insurance. Get the tools you need to determine what type of plan is right for you.

Caher, James P. - Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies, ebook

Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies

Caher, James P.

From 20,00€

With tips on understanding -- and surviving -- the new bankruptcy laws

If you're considering bankruptcy, you need straightforward answers and reliable advice. This handy guide covers it all -- so you can get your finances in line and your life

Barry, Patricia - Retirement For Dummies, Pocket Edition, ebook

Retirement For Dummies, Pocket Edition

Barry, Patricia


Enjoy your retirement!
As you face retirement, you need to make smart choices and plan for a new phase of your life. You need to know where to put your savings, the ins and outs of the four Medicare programs, ways to integrate exercise into your daily retired life,

Muir, Nancy C. - AARP Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies, ebook

AARP Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies

Muir, Nancy C.

From 3,50€

You’ll learn: How and why risks can occur Steps to protect yourself from identity theft, fraud, and e-mail scams Expert tips for creating strong passwords and storing them safely Information you need to keep your online banking and shopping accounts safe