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Sperling, Leslie H. - Introduction to Physical Polymer Science, ebook

Introduction to Physical Polymer Science

Sperling, Leslie H.

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The Fourth Edition of Introduction to Physical Polymer Science acknowledges the industrial success of polymers and the advancements made in the field while continuing to deliver the comprehensive introduction to polymer science

Morison, Ian - Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology, ebook

Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology

Morison, Ian


Introduction to Astronomy & Cosmology is a modern undergraduate textbook, combining both the theory behind astronomy with the very latest developments. Written for science students, this book takes a carefully developed scientific approach to this dynamic subject. Every major concept is

Abudbaker, S. - Introduction to Automotive Engineering, ebook

Introduction to Automotive Engineering

Abudbaker, S.


  Not only useful as an introduction to the science or a textbook, it can also serve as a valuable reference for technicians and engineers alike.  The volume also goes into other subjects, such as maintenance and performance.  Data has always been used in every

Brown, Jack - An Introduction to Plant Breeding, ebook

An Introduction to Plant Breeding

Brown, Jack

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Plants have been successfully selectively bred for thousands of years, culminating in incredible yields, quality, resistance and so on that we see in our modern day crops and ornamental plants. In recent years the techniques used have been rapidly advanced and refined to include molecular, cell and genetic techniques.

Killops, Stephen D. - Introduction to Organic Geochemistry, ebook

Introduction to Organic Geochemistry

Killops, Stephen D.


An Introduction to Organic Geochemistry explores the fate of organic matter of all types, biogenic and man-made, in the Earth System.
investigates the variety of pathways and biogeochemical transformations that carbon compounds can experience over a range of time scales and in different

Stoneking, Mark - An Introduction to Molecular Anthropology, ebook

An Introduction to Molecular Anthropology

Stoneking, Mark


Organized into three major sections, An Introduction to Molecular Anthropology first covers the basics of genetics – what genes are, what they do, and how they do it – as well as how genes behave in populations and how evolution influences them. The following section