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Nascimento, Amos - Building Cosmopolitan Communities, ebook

Building Cosmopolitan Communities

Nascimento, Amos


Communities, Human Rights, and Cosmopolitan Ideals
4. Individuality and Collectivity in Changing Concepts of Community
Amos Nascimento
5. From Plurality to Global Human Rights Discourses
Amos Nascimento
6. Cosmopolitan

David, Miriam E. - A Feminist Manifesto for Education, ebook

A Feminist Manifesto for Education

David, Miriam E.


She puts the focus back onto issues such as changing patterns of women’s and girls’ participation in education across the globe, feminist strategies for policy and legal interventions around human rights, and violence against

Fahlenbrach, Kathrin - The Establishment Responds, ebook

The Establishment Responds

Fahlenbrach, Kathrin


Legal Norms and Political Change
6. Race and Reform: The Establishment Responds to the African American Civil Rights Movement
Manfred Berg
7. “Promising Everything under the Sun”: Helsinki Activism and Human