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Barbarisi, Alfonso - Biotechnology in Surgery, ebook

Biotechnology in Surgery

Barbarisi, Alfonso


Biotechnological Approaches to Hemostasis and Molecular Mechanisms of Wound Healing
Anna Grimaldi, Francesco Rosso, Alfonso Barbarisi
8. Gene Therapy
Arianna Malgieri, Paola Spitalieri, Giuseppe Novelli, Federica C. Sangiuolo
9. Stem Cells

Aledort, Louis M. - Textbook of Hemophilia, ebook

Textbook of Hemophilia

Aledort, Louis M.


Textbook of Hemophilia is ideal for:
Trainees and residents in hematology Hematologists in practice Specialists working in thrombosis and hemostasis as well as transfusion medicine
Why Buy This Book?
The only up-to-date definitive reference source on hemophilia

Ball, Chad G. - Treatment of Ongoing Hemorrhage, ebook

Treatment of Ongoing Hemorrhage

Ball, Chad G.


Medical Principles of Hemostasis: Just Give Me the Nuts and Bolts!
Paul B. McBeth
2. Surgical Principles of Hemostasis: Ideas Worth Considering
Elijah Dixon, Chad G. Ball
3. Endovascular Management of Hemorrhage:

Kwaan, Hau C.  - Coagulation in Cancer, ebook

Coagulation in Cancer

Kwaan, Hau C.


Section 1 Alterations in Hemostasis Due to Cancer
2. Dysregulation of Hemostasis by Cancer
Dougald M. Monroe, Maureane Hoffman
3. Effect of Cancer on Platelets
David L. Green, Simon Karpatkin
4. Activation of Clotting Factors in Cancer

Maniatis, Alice - Alternatives to Blood Transfusion in Transfusion Medicine, ebook

Alternatives to Blood Transfusion in Transfusion Medicine

Maniatis, Alice


The contributors review the appropriate use of fluids and of blood products, and describe the latest treatment options available to decrease the need for allogeneic blood products including: Argon beam Cell saver Harmonic scalpel Normovolemic haemodilution Synthetic erythropoietin Antifibrinolytics Recombinant

DeLeve, Laurie D. - Vascular Liver Disease, ebook

Vascular Liver Disease

DeLeve, Laurie D.


Liver Endothelial Cells: Hemostasis, Thrombosis, and Hepatic Vascular Diseases
Simon C. Robson
2. Vascular Liver Disease and the Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cell
Laurie D. DeLeve
3. Pseudocapillarization and the Aging Liver
Dmitri Svistounov,

Berntorp, Erik E. - Textbook of Hemophilia, ebook

Textbook of Hemophilia

Berntorp, Erik E.

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Textbook of Hemophilia, 3rd edition Features eight new chapters, covering individualised dosing, vCJD and haemophilia, new drugs in the pipeline, and surgery in inhibitor patients Presents new developments, such as gene therapy Highlights controversial issues and provides advice for everyday clinical