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Costa-Font, Joan - Financing Long-Term Care in Europe, ebook

Financing Long-Term Care in Europe

Costa-Font, Joan


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Financing Long-Term Care: New and Unresolved Questions
Joan Costa-Font, Christophe Courbage
Part II. Institutions and Markets
2. Typology of Public Coverage for Long-Term Care in OECD Countries
Francesca Colombo
3. Long-Term Care Insurance Puzzle

Lisnianski, Anatoly - Recent Advances in System Reliability, ebook

Recent Advances in System Reliability

Lisnianski, Anatoly


Optimal Replacement and Protection Strategy for Parallel Systems
Rui Peng, Gregory Levitin, Min Xie, Szu Hui Ng
10. Heuristic Optimization Techniques for Determining Optimal Reserve Structure of Power Generating Systems
Yi Ding, Lalit Goel, Peng Wang,

Thakuriah, Piyushimita (Vonu) - Seeing Cities Through Big Data, ebook

Seeing Cities Through Big Data

Thakuriah, Piyushimita (Vonu)


Using an Online Spatial Analytics Workbench for Understanding Housing Affordability in Sydney
Christopher Pettit, Andrew Tice, Bill Randolph
15. A Big Data Mashing Tool for Measuring Transit System Performance
Gregory D. Erhardt, Oliver Lock, Elsa Arcaute,

Ceccarelli, Marco - New Activities For Cultural Heritage, ebook

New Activities For Cultural Heritage

Ceccarelli, Marco


Table of contents
1. On the History of the Theory of Plough
Vera Chinenova
2. The Plumb Board in the Missing Panel: A New Key for Understanding the Renaissance Symbolism in the Gubbio Studiolo
Vincenzo Ambrogi, Pier Gabriele Molari
3. Designing and Prototyping Reconstruction of Musician Automata

Swanson, David A. - The Frontiers of Applied Demography, ebook

The Frontiers of Applied Demography

Swanson, David A.


Integrated Local Demographic Forecasts Constrained by the Supply of Housing or Jobs: Practice in the UK
Ludi Simpson
17. Demographic Forecasting for Local Governments in Queensland, Australia – Difficult, But Effective
Kanan M. Saraiya
18. Population

Zhou, Jie - Complex Sciences, ebook

Complex Sciences

Zhou, Jie


Table of contents
1. Chaotic and Hyperchaotic Attractors in Time-Delayed Neural Networks
Dong Zhang, Jian Xu
2. Channel Estimation and ISI/ICI Cancellation for MIMO-OFDM Systems with Insufficient Cyclic Prefix
Yi-Jen Chiu, Chien-Sheng Chen, Ting-Wei Chang
3. Capturing Internet Traffic Dynamics through Graph

Chakrabarti, Amaresh - ICoRD'13, ebook


Chakrabarti, Amaresh


Conflicts in the Idea of ‘Assisted Self-Help’ in Housing for the Indian Rural Poor
Ameya Athavankar, Sharmishtha Banerjee, B. K. Chakravarthy, Uday Athavankar
49. A Method to Design a Value Chain from Scratch
Romain Farel, Bernard Yannou
50. Developing

Suarez, Carlos E. - Light Metals 2012, ebook

Light Metals 2012

Suarez, Carlos E.


Improved Energy Management During Anode Setting Activity
Ali Jassim Banjab, Gregory Meintjes, Jose Blasques, Mohammed Sadiq, Arvind Kumar, Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf, Ali. H. A. M. Al Zarouni
100. The Transition Strategy at Alouette Towards Higher Productivity