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Petrovský, Eduard - The Earth's Magnetic Interior, ebook

The Earth's Magnetic Interior

Petrovský, Eduard


Natural Signals to Map the Earth’s Natural Resources
T Harinarayana
2. Application of ANN-Based Techniques in EM Induction Studies
Viacheslav V. Spichak
3. Regional Electromagnetic Induction Studies Using Long Period Geomagnetic Variations

Benestad, Rasmus E. - Solar Activity and Earth’s Climate, ebook

Solar Activity and Earth’s Climate

Benestad, Rasmus E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Solar observations
3. The physical properties of the Sun
4. Solar activity
5. Earth’s climate
6. Solar activity and the stratosphere
7. Solar magnetism and Earth’s climate
8. A review of solar-terrestrial studies
9. Solar activity and regional climate variations

Brooks, David R. - Bringing the Sun Down to Earth, ebook

Bringing the Sun Down to Earth

Brooks, David R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Earth’s Sun and Atmosphere
3. Measuring Atmosphere and Surface Properties
4. Instrument Design Principles I: Radiometers
5. Instrument Design Principles II: Sun Photometers
6. Concluding Remarks

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Mertikas, Stelios P. - Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation, ebook

Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation

Mertikas, Stelios P.


Co-seismic Gravity Changes Computed for a Spherical Earth Model Applicable to GRACE Data
W. Sun, G. Fu, Sh. Okubo
3. On Ambiguities in Definitions and Applications of Bouguer Gravity Anomaly
P. Vajda, P. Vaníček, P. Novák, R. Tenzer, A. Ellmann, B.

Dimri, V. P. - Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System, ebook

Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System

Dimri, V. P.


Scaling Evidences of Thermal Properties in Earth’s Crust and its Implications
V.P. Dimri, Nimisha Vedanti
8. Fractal Methods in Self-Potential Signals Measured in Seismic Areas
Luciano Telesca, Vincenzo Lapenna
9. Earth System Modeling Through Chaos

Chuvieco, Emilio - Earth Observation of Global Change, ebook

Earth Observation of Global Change

Chuvieco, Emilio


NASA Earth Observation Satellite Missions for Global Change Research
Emilio Chuvieco, Chris Justice
3. The Role of the European Space Agency in Global Change Observations
Olivier Arino
4. Ozone in the Atmosphere
Abel Calle, Jose Luis Casanova

Boedecker, G. - Observation of the Earth System from Space, ebook

Observation of the Earth System from Space

Boedecker, G.


Harmonic Analysis of the Earth’s Gravitational Field from Kinematic CHAMP Orbits based on Numerically Derived Satellite Accelerations
Tilo Reubelt, Martin Götzelmann, Erik W. Grafarend
4. Earthquake Signatures in the Ionosphere Deduced from Ground and Space