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Corsaro, William A. - The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies

Corsaro, William A.


Why Social Studies of Childhood? An Introduction to the Handbook
Jens Qvortrup, William A. Corsaro, Michael-Sebastian Honig
Section I. Concepts of Childhood Studies
2. Childhood as a Structural Form
Jens Qvortrup
3. Agency
Allison James

Kelly, Wendy - Understanding Children in Foster Care, ebook

Understanding Children in Foster Care

Kelly, Wendy


Table of contents
Part I. Maltreatment and Mental Health
1. The Context of Foster Care
Wendy Kelly
2. Early Maltreatment
Wendy Kelly
3. Foster Children’s Well-Being and Mental Health
Wendy Kelly
Part II. Attachment and Mind-Mindedness
4. Attachment: The Meeting of Hearts
Wendy Kelly

Sinno, Durriyah - Enhancing Early Child Development, ebook

Enhancing Early Child Development

Sinno, Durriyah


Enhancing Childhood Development in a Normal Child
Durriyah Sinno, Lama Charafeddine, Mohamad Mikati
2. Enhancing Childhood Development in Children with Autism
Durriyah Sinno, Lama Charafeddine, Mohamad Mikati

Li, Liang - Studying Babies and Toddlers, ebook

Studying Babies and Toddlers

Li, Liang


Family Child/Day Care Homes as a Cultural Context or World for Babies and Toddlers
Holli Tonyan, Elena Paredes
8. Intergenerational Conflicts and Transmission of Values in Raising 0–2-Year-Old Chinese Babies
Yue-Juan Pan, Lina Sun, Sha-Sha Dong, Yue