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Gastineau, Gary L. - The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual, ebook

The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual

Gastineau, Gary L.


Discusses how to incorporate ETFs into an investment plan Offers updated coverage of new ETFs, including full-function actively managed ETFs, and a valuable chapter on trading ETFs Written by the leading authority on exchange traded funds
Exchange-traded funds offer you diversification

Gandy, Anthony - The Early Computer Industry, ebook

The Early Computer Industry

Gandy, Anthony


Scope, Scale, Concentric Diversification and the Black Box
Anthony Gandy
Part II. US Electronics Companies in the Computer Sector 1950–72
3. RCA
Anthony Gandy
4. General Electric
Anthony Gandy
Part III. UK Electronics Companies in the Computer

Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Banji - Sustainable Industrialization in Africa, ebook

Sustainable Industrialization in Africa

Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Banji


Linkage Dynamics and Natural Resources: Diversification and Catch-Up
David Kaplan
5. External Opportunities, Innovation and Industrial Growth: The Case of GVCs in Africa
Padmashree Gehl Sampath, Donatus Ayitey
6. Growth and Structural Change in Africa:

Homewood, Katherine - Staying Maasai?, ebook

Staying Maasai?

Homewood, Katherine


Still “People of Cattle”? Livelihoods, Diversification and Community Conservation in Longido District
Pippa Chenevix Trench, Steven Kiruswa, Fred Nelson, Katherine Homewood
7. Cattle and Crops, Tourism and Tanzanite: Poverty, Land-Use Change and Conservation