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Ma, Minhua - Serious Games and Edutainment Applications, ebook

Serious Games and Edutainment Applications

Ma, Minhua


Games for Music Education
3. Designing Music Games and Mobile Apps for Early Music Learning
Szu-Ming Chung, Chun-Tsai Wu
4. Shake and Create: Reappropriating Video Game Technologies for the Enactive Learning of Music

Bernhaupt, Regina - Evaluating User Experience in Games, ebook

Evaluating User Experience in Games

Bernhaupt, Regina


Using Heuristics to Evaluate the Overall User Experience of Video Games and Advanced Interaction Games
Koeffel Christina, Hochleitner Wolfgang, Leitner Jakob, Haller Michael, Geven Arjan, Tscheligi Manfred

Shaffer, David Williamson - How Computer Games Help Children Learn, ebook

How Computer Games Help Children Learn

Shaffer, David Williamson


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Williamson Shaffer
2. Epistemology: The Debating Game
David Williamson Shaffer
3. Knowledge: Digital Zoo
David Williamson Shaffer
4. Skills: Escher’s World
David Williamson Shaffer
5. Values: The Pandora Project
David Williamson Shaffer
6. Identity:

Jackson, Wallace - Pro Java 9 Games Development, ebook

Pro Java 9 Games Development

Jackson, Wallace


Table of contents
1. The Different Faces of Java: Create a Java 9 Development Workstation
Wallace Jackson
2. An Introduction to Content Creation: 2D New Media Asset Fundamentals
Wallace Jackson
3. Advanced 3D Content Rendering: 3D Asset Concepts and Principles
Wallace Jackson
4. An Introduction to

Chamoux, Jean-Pierre - The Digital Era 2: Political Economy Revisited, ebook

The Digital Era 2: Political Economy Revisited

Chamoux, Jean-Pierre


Today, electronics shape our everyday objects with the widespread integration of chips; from computers and telephones to keys, games and white goods. Data, software and computation structure our behavior and the organization of our lives. Everything is translated into

Prato, Giuditta - Digital Media Worlds, ebook

Digital Media Worlds

Prato, Giuditta


Moving to Digital Media Worlds: Three Successive Transformational Waves
Jean Paul Simon
3. Production, Consumption and Innovative Business Models
Jean Paul Simon
4. Media in the Changing Media-IT-Telecom Ecosystem
Jean Paul Simon
5. Toward Enabling

Andro, Mathieu - Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing, ebook

Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing

Andro, Mathieu


These internet users can be volunteers or paid, work consciously, unconsciously or in the form of games. They can provide the workforce, skills, knowledge or financial resources that libraries need in order to achieve unimaginable goals.

Rossignoli, Cecilia - Digital Technology and Organizational Change, ebook

Digital Technology and Organizational Change

Rossignoli, Cecilia


Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Digital Markets: Exploring the Impact of Their Antecedents
Ivan Russo, Ilenia Confente, Antonio Borghesi
13. Unveiling the Big Data Adoption in Banks: Strategizing the Implementation of a New Technology
Eduardo H. Diniz,