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Majhanovich, Suzanne - Economics, Aid and Education, ebook

Economics, Aid and Education

Majhanovich, Suzanne


Table of contents
1. Economics, Aid and Education
Suzanne Majhanovich, Macleans A. Geo-JaJa
Part I. The Politics of Aid and Development
2. The Economics of Aid
Steven J. Klees, Omar Qargha
3. The New Geopolitics of Educational Aid
Mario Novelli
4. Aid in Education
Rukhsana Zia
5. Critical

Tan, Charlene - Learning from Shanghai, ebook

Learning from Shanghai

Tan, Charlene


Balancing Decentralisation with Centralisation
Charlene Tan
9. Autonomy and Accountability: The School Appraisal System
Charlene Tan
10. Testing Times: Exams as Means of Central Control
Charlene Tan
11. Examining the Exam Papers

Felsenstein, Daniel - Regional Disparities in Small Countries, ebook

Regional Disparities in Small Countries

Felsenstein, Daniel


Does Decentralisation Matter to Regional Inequalities? The Case of Small Countries
Carlos Gil, Pedro Pascual, Manuel Rapún
13. Regional Inequalities in the EU Enlargement Countries: An Analysis of Small Versus Large New Member States
George Petrakos,

Desille, Amandine - International Migrations and Local Governance, ebook

International Migrations and Local Governance

Desille, Amandine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Amandine Desille, Thomas Lacroix
Part 1. Diversity in the City: A New Paradigm for Integration in a Knowledge-Based Economy
2. Migration Governance in Three European Cities: New Local Paradigms?
Myrte S. Hoekstra, Josef Kohlbacher, Daniel Rauhut
3. Immigrant Rights as an