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Macintyre, Mairi - Service Design and Delivery, ebook

Service Design and Delivery

Macintyre, Mairi


Shifting from Production to Service to Experience-Based Operations
Jannis Angelis, Edson Pinheiro Lima
7. Complex Deployed Responsive Service
Glenn Parry, Marc McLening, Nigel Caldwell, Rob Thompson
8. A Multi-organisational Approach to Service Delivery

Fukuda, Shuichi - Emotional Engineering, Vol.5, ebook

Emotional Engineering, Vol.5

Fukuda, Shuichi


Universal Design—An Old-Fashioned Paradigm?
Susan Gretchen Zöller, Sandro Wartzack
7. Considering Users’ Emotions in Product Development Processes and the Need to Design for Attitudes
Susan Gretchen Zöller, Sandro Wartzack
8. Design for Additive