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Bowers, David - Getting Started in Health Research, ebook

Getting Started in Health Research

Bowers, David


By the time you've read this book, you'll be ready to design your own research project
Not everyone in clinical research is a scientific investigator. In fact, a large proportion of health professionals undertaking a research

Tereskerz, Patricia M. - Clinical Research and the Law, ebook

Clinical Research and the Law

Tereskerz, Patricia M.


This book provides a comprehensive resource for medical professionals on the various legal aspects involved in conducting clinical research. It encompasses legal and ethical issues such as duty of care, research

Richesson, Rachel L. - Clinical Research Informatics, ebook

Clinical Research Informatics

Richesson, Rachel L.


Introduction to Clinical Research Informatics
Rachel L. Richesson, James E. Andrews
2. From Notations to Data: The Digital Transformation of Clinical Research
Christopher G. Chute
3. The Clinical

Glasser, Stephen P. - Essentials of Clinical Research, ebook

Essentials of Clinical Research

Glasser, Stephen P.


Introduction to Clinical Research and Study Designs
Stephen P. Glasser
3. Clinical Trials
Stephen P. Glasser
4. Alternative Interventional Study Designs
Stephen P. Glasser
5. Postmarketing Research

Bacchieri, Antonella - Fundamentals of Clinical Research, ebook

Fundamentals of Clinical Research

Bacchieri, Antonella


Table of contents
1. Viability of Biological Phenomena and Measurement Errors
2. Distinctive Aspects of a Biomedical Study Observational and Experimental Studies
3. Observational Studies
4. Defining the Treatment Effect
5. Probability, Inference and Decision Making
6. The Choice of the Sample
7. The Choice

Cummings, Louise - Research in Clinical Pragmatics, ebook

Research in Clinical Pragmatics

Cummings, Louise


Table of contents
Part I. Developmental Pragmatic Disorders
1. Pragmatic Development
Gabriella Airenti
2. Pragmatic Language Impairment
Mieke P. Ketelaars, Mariëtte T. J. A. Embrechts
3. Autism Spectrum Disorder
Joanne Volden