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Sprang, Ginny - Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems, ebook

Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems

Sprang, Ginny


Culturally Relevant, Trauma-Informed Engagement Strategies for Child Welfare Workers: Moving Beyond Compliance to Engagement with Families Experiencing High Levels of Exposure to Trauma and Stress
Tricia Stephens, Geetha Gopalan, Mary C. Acri, Melissa Bowman,

Pfeiffer, Steven I. - Handbook of Giftedness in Children, ebook

Handbook of Giftedness in Children

Pfeiffer, Steven I.


Assessment of Giftedness in School-Age Children Using Measures of Intelligence or Cognitive Abilities
Tina M. Newman
10. Gifted Identification Beyond the IQ Test: Rating Scales and Other Assessment Procedures
Steven I. Pfeiffer, Samara Blei
11. Clinical

Cleveland, H. Harrington - Substance Abuse Recovery in College, ebook

Substance Abuse Recovery in College

Cleveland, H. Harrington


Table of contents
1. The Need for College Recovery Services
Richard P. Wiebe, H. Harrington Cleveland, Kitty S. Harris
2. Collegiate Recovery Communities: What They Are and How They Support Recovery
Kitty S. Harris, Amanda Baker, H. Harrington…