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Goody, Jack - Capitalism and Modernity: The Great Debate, ebook

Capitalism and Modernity: The Great Debate

Goody, Jack


This original book casts new light on the history of capitalism, industrialization and modernity, and will be essential reading for all those interested in the great debate about the economic rise of the West.

Doogan, Kevin - New Capitalism?, ebook

New Capitalism?

Doogan, Kevin

From 26,75€

The so-called ‘new capitalism’ is said to be the result of these profound changes.
Kevin Doogan takes issue with these widely-accepted ideas and subjects the transformation of work to detailed examination through a comprehensive analysis of developments in

Rahnema, Saeed - The Transition from Capitalism, ebook

The Transition from Capitalism

Rahnema, Saeed


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Question of Transition from Capitalism
Saeed Rahnema
2. Failures and Achievements of the Past
Saeed Rahnema
3. Which Revolution?
Saeed Rahnema
4. Peaceful Transition
Saeed Rahnema

Ahmed, Shahid - Rentier Capitalism, ebook

Rentier Capitalism

Ahmed, Shahid


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Shahid Ahmed
2. Development, Social Justice and the Limits of Public Policy
Shahid Ahmed
3. Why Has Pakistan’s Economy Underperformed?
Shahid Ahmed
4. The Social Sectors in Pakistan: A Story…

Poole, Eve - The Church on Capitalism, ebook

The Church on Capitalism

Poole, Eve


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Eve Poole
2. General Synod Views
Eve Poole
3. Church of England Commentators
Eve Poole
4. Types of Theology
Eve Poole
5. Critique of Church of England Views
Eve Poole
6. Conclusion

Tyler, Colin - Civil Society, Capitalism and the State, ebook

Civil Society, Capitalism and the State

Tyler, Colin


Civil Society, Capitalism and the State presents a critical reconstruction of the social and political facets of Thomas Hill Green's liberal socialism. It explores the complex relationships Green sees between human nature, personal freedom, the common good, rights and the state. It explores

Hundt, David - Varieties of Capitalism in Asia, ebook

Varieties of Capitalism in Asia

Hundt, David


Japan’s Collective Capitalism and the Origins of the Asian Model
David Hundt, Jitendra Uttam
4. Confucian Capitalism: ‘Organised from the Top’ in Korea and ‘Reorganised from the Bottom’ in Taiwan
David Hundt,

Rossi, Ugo - Cities in Global Capitalism, ebook

Cities in Global Capitalism

Rossi, Ugo


In what ways are cities central to the evolution of contemporary global capitalism? And in what ways is global capitalism forged by the urban experience? This book provides a response to these questions, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the city-capitalism

Chu, Yin-wah - Chinese Capitalisms, ebook

Chinese Capitalisms

Chu, Yin-wah


Chinese Capitalisms: An Introduction
Yin-wah Chu
Part I. Capitalist China
2. The “Spirit” of Capitalism in China: Contemporary Meanings of Weber’s Thought
Chung-hwa Ku
3. State Neoliberalism: The Chinese