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Membrey, Peter - Practical Load Balancing, ebook

Practical Load Balancing

Membrey, Peter


Content Caching: Keeping the Load Light
Peter Membrey, David Hows, Eelco Plugge
4. DNS Load Balancing
Peter Membrey, David Hows, Eelco Plugge
5. Content Delivery Networks
Peter Membrey, David Hows, Eelco Plugge
6. Planning for Performance and

Ghosh, R.K. - Wireless Networking and Mobile Data Management, ebook

Wireless Networking and Mobile Data Management

Ghosh, R.K.


Table of contents
Part I. Wireless Networking
1. Mobile Distributed Systems: Networking and Data Management
R. K. Ghosh
2. Cellular Wireless Communication
R. K. Ghosh
R. K. Ghosh
4. Wireless Local Area Network
R. K. Ghosh
5. Short Range Radio Protocols: Bluetooth and

Peles, John D. - The Allegheny Woodrat, ebook

The Allegheny Woodrat

Peles, John D.


Table of contents
Section I. History and Current Status
1. History and Current Status of the Allegheny Woodrat
Janet Wright
2. Multiple Causes of the Allegheny Woodrat Decline: A Historical–Ecological Examination
Kathleen LoGiudice
Section II. Ecology
3. Woodrat Population Dynamics and Movement Patterns

Freeman, Adam - Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C#, ebook

Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C#

Freeman, Adam


Table of contents
Part I. Getting Started
1. Your First ASP.NET Application
Adam Freeman
2. Putting ASP.NET in Context
Adam Freeman
3. Essential C# Language Features
Adam Freeman
4. Using jQuery
Adam Freeman
5. Essential Development Tools
Adam Freeman
6. SportsStore: A Real Application

Buyya, Rajkumar - Content Delivery Networks, ebook

Content Delivery Networks

Buyya, Rajkumar


Table of contents
Part I.CDN Fundamentals
1. Content Delivery Networks: State of the Art, Insights, and Imperatives
Mukaddim Pathan, Rajkumar Buyya, Athena Vakali
2. A Taxonomy of CDNs
Mukaddim Pathan, Rajkumar Buyya
3. Dynamic, Scalable, and Efficient Content Replication Techniques
Yan Chen

Holzner, Steve - Beginning Ruby on Rails, ebook

Beginning Ruby on Rails

Holzner, Steve


Ruby on Rails is the revolutionary online programming tool that makes creating functional e-commerce web sites faster and easier than ever. With the intuitive, straightforward nature of Ruby and the development platform provided by Rails, you can put together full-fledged web applications quickly, even if you're new to web programming.