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Allman, Keith - Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide, ebook

Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Allman, Keith


"I've worked with simulation in business for over 20 years, and Allman really nails it with this book. I admit that I own his previous book on structured finance cash flows, but I was surprised by what I found in here. He addresses the fundamental questions of how decision makers react to

Kuerten, Hans - Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VIII, ebook

Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VIII

Kuerten, Hans


Direct simulations of wall-bounded turbulence
Javier Jiménez, Ricardo García-Mayoral
2. Structure of a turbulent boundary layer studied by DNS
Philipp Schlatter, Qiang Li, Geert Brethouwer, Arne V. Johansson, Dan S. Henningson
3. A physical length-scale

Bulatov, Vasily - Computer Simulations of Dislocations, ebook

Computer Simulations of Dislocations

Bulatov, Vasily


The book presents a variety of methods for computer simulations of crystal defects in the form of "numerical recipes", complete with computer codes and analysis tools. By working through numerous case studies and problems, this book provides a useful star... Copying to clipboard limited

Viamontes, George F. - Quantum Circuit Simulation, ebook

Quantum Circuit Simulation

Viamontes, George F.


State-Vector Simulation with Decision Diagrams
8. Density-Matrix Simulation with QuIDDs
9. Checking Equivalence of States and Circuits
10. Improving QuIDD-based Simulation
11. Closing Remarks

Guasch, Antoni - Robust Modelling and Simulation, ebook

Robust Modelling and Simulation

Guasch, Antoni


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Digital Simulation
Idalia Flores La Mota, Antoni Guasch, Miquel Angel Piera
2. Elements of Statistics for Simulation
Idalia Flores La Mota, Antoni Guasch
3. Modeling Discrete Event Systems Using Petri Nets
M. Narciso, M. A. Piera
4. The Coupling of Coloured Petri

Litvinchev, Igor - Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization, ebook

Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization

Litvinchev, Igor


Table of contents
1. Texture Synthesis and Design Based on Element Distribution Creation
Yan Gui, Yang Liu, Feng Li
2. Selective Encryption Using Natural Language Processing for Text Data in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Ajay Kushwaha, Hari Ram…