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Nanut, Michael - Vienna A Doctor’s Guide, ebook

Vienna A Doctor’s Guide

Nanut, Michael


The New General Hospital and the “New Clinics”
6. The White City and Lemoniberg
7. Billroth House, Society of Physicians 9th District, 8 Frankgasse
8. Der Wiener Zentralfriedhof /Vienna Central Cemetery 11th District, 234 Simmeringer Hauptstrasse Open

, Iwo Bialynicki-Birula - Modeling Reality : How Computers Mirror Life, ebook

Modeling Reality : How Computers Mirror Life

, Iwo Bialynicki-Birula


This book is for everyone (college and high-school students, school teachers and the general public) who wants to learn about many fascinating ideas that have come to the fore with recent advances in the application of computers to real life situations. Twenty five computer programs greatly

Hendricks, Vincent F. - Interactions, ebook


Hendricks, Vincent F.


Enriques: Popularising Science and the Problems of Geometry
Jeremy Gray
5. Hilbert's Axiomatic Approach to the Foundations of Science—A Failed Research Program?
Ulrich Majer
6. The Space between Helmholtz and

Ivanovich, GrujicaS. - Salyut — The First Space Station, ebook

Salyut — The First Space Station

Ivanovich, GrujicaS.


Table of contents
1. From Almaz to Salyut
2. DOS-1 crews
3. Salyut in space
4. The drama of the Granites
5. Mutiny at the cosmodrome
6. Dobrovolskiy, Volkov and Patsayev
7. Home in orbit
8. Science and conflicts
9. The fire
10. Drawing away from the station
11. Cosmonauts

Verschuur, Gerrit - The Invisible Universe, ebook

The Invisible Universe

Verschuur, Gerrit


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Adventure, Imagination, and Curiosity
2. What is Radio Astronomy?
3. A Science is Born
4. The Radio Sun and Planets
5. The Galactic Radio Nebulae
6. Radio Waves from the Milky Way
7. Interstellar Hydrogen
8. Interstellar Molecules
9. Pulsars
10. The Galactic Superstars

Mainzer, Klaus - Thinking in Complexity, ebook

Thinking in Complexity

Mainzer, Klaus


Table of contents
1. Introduction: From Linear to Nonlinear Thinking
2. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Matter
3. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Life
4. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Mind–Brain
5. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Computability
6. Complex Systems and the Evolution of