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Gudehus, Timm - Comprehensive Logistics, ebook

Comprehensive Logistics

Gudehus, Timm


Table of contents
1. Tasks and Aspects of Modern Logistics
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
2. Organization, Scheduling and Control
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
3. Project Planning and Realization
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
4. Potential Analysis
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
5. Strategies of Logistics

Nunen, Jo A.E.E. - Innovations in Distribution Logistics, ebook

Innovations in Distribution Logistics

Nunen, Jo A.E.E.


On optimizing production nofed in supply chain systems
Davide Giglio, Riccardo Minciardi, Simona Sacone, Silvia Siri
10. Approximate Optimal Order Batch Sizes in a Parallel aisle Warehouse
Yeming Gong, René de Koster Gong
11. Supply Chain Optimization

Nikolaidis, Yiannis - Quality Management in Reverse Logistics, ebook

Quality Management in Reverse Logistics

Nikolaidis, Yiannis


Reverse Logistics and QualityManagement Issues: State-of-the-Art
Yiannis Nikolaidis
2. A Quality Framework in Closed Loop Supply Chains: Opportunities for Value Creation
Umut Çorbacıoğlu, Erwin A. Laan
3. Standardization of the Reverse Logistics

Watada, Junzo - Innovative Management in Information and Production, ebook

Innovative Management in Information and Production

Watada, Junzo


Analysis of Value-Added Process for a Logistics System in Manufacturing Business: A Case Study of Yurun Food Company
Yueqin Tang, Qing Zhuang, Panpan Wen
17. Profit Distribution Based on Producer Service Outsourcing Value Chain
Sanfa Cai, Li Qiu, Bin Zou

Feldmann, Carsten - 3D-Druck und Lean Production, ebook

3D-Druck und Lean Production

Feldmann, Carsten


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Carsten Feldmann, Anneliese Gorj
2. Forschungsmethodik
Carsten Feldmann, Anneliese Gorj
3. Grundlagen zu 3D-Druck, Produktionssystemen und Lean Production
Carsten Feldmann, Anneliese Gorj
4. Bewertung…