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Kloc, Malgorzata - Xenopus Development, ebook

Xenopus Development

Kloc, Malgorzata


These frogs have helped unlock basic developmental and cellular processes that have led to scientific breakthroughs and have had practical application in cancer research and regenerative medicine. Xenopus Developmentdiscusses the biology and development

Bolay, Jean-Claude - Technologies for Sustainable Development, ebook

Technologies for Sustainable Development

Bolay, Jean-Claude


Toward a New Approach for Hydrological Modeling: A Tool for Sustainable Development in a Savanna Agro-System
Theophile Mande, Natalie Ceperley, Steven V. Weijs, Alexandre Repetti, Marc B. Parlange
9. Rural Cold Storage as a Post-Harvest Technology System for

Boye, Joyce I. - Nutraceutical and Functional Food Processing Technology, ebook

Nutraceutical and Functional Food Processing Technology

Boye, Joyce I.


For several years, the food industry has been interested in identifying components in foods which have health benefits to be used in the development of functional food and nutraceutical products. Examples of these ingredients include fibre, phytosterols, peptides, proteins, isoflavones,