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Retallack, Joan - Poetry & Pedagogy, ebook

Poetry & Pedagogy

Retallack, Joan


FFFFFalling with Poetry: The Centrifugal Classroom
Lynn Keller
4. Reading for Affect in the Lyric: From Modern to Contemporary
Charles Altieri
5. )Writing Writing(
Jonathan Monroe
6. New World Studies and the Limits of National Literatures

Chinitz, David E. - A Companion to Modernist Poetry, ebook

A Companion to Modernist Poetry

Chinitz, David E.


Offering a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the field, A Companion to Modernist Poetry provides readers with detailed discussions of individual poets, ‘schools’ and ‘movements’ within modernist poetry, and the cultural and

Keating, Kenneth - Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon, ebook

Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon

Keating, Kenneth


Table of contents
1. Spectres of Irish Poetry
Kenneth Keating
2. Paul Muldoon’s Horse Latitudes: Absence, Interdependence and Death
Kenneth Keating
3. Source Texts and Authorial Identity in Medbh McGuckian’s “The Good Wife Taught her Daughter”
Kenneth Keating
4. Paul Durcan and the Death of

Herz, Judith Scherer - John Donne and Contemporary Poetry, ebook

John Donne and Contemporary Poetry

Herz, Judith Scherer


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Listening for, Looking for Donne
Judith Scherer Herz
2. The History of the Donne and Contemporary Poetry Project
Heather Dubrow
3. On the Road with Donne: An Idiosyncratic Pilgrimage
Carl Phillips
4. Per Fretum Febris: The Diseased Body in John Donne and Brett

Gray, Richard - A History of American Poetry, ebook

A History of American Poetry

Gray, Richard


A History of American Poetry presents a comprehensive exploration of the development of American poetic traditions from their pre-Columbian origins to the present day. Offers a detailed and accessible account of the entire range of American poetry Situates

Stewart, David - The Form of Poetry in the 1820s and 1830s, ebook

The Form of Poetry in the 1820s and 1830s

Stewart, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Stewart
2. ‘The Genius of the Times’: Sales, Forms, and Periods
David Stewart
3. ‘Infinite Profit in a Little Book’: Ephemerality and the Annuals
David Stewart
4. ‘A Labyrinth…