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Edmonds, Michael E. - A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care, ebook

A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care

Edmonds, Michael E.


A practical clinical manual for the diagnosis, treatment - both medical and surgical - and the long-term care of foot problems in people with diabetes. The authors are world-renowned experts in this subject and they present the internationally recognised best practice.
The clinical chapters

Austin-Smith, Alan - Fantastic: When Being Good is Not Enough, ebook

Fantastic: When Being Good is Not Enough

Austin-Smith, Alan


Fantastic people share seven characteristics. Passionate; Creative; Delighting people; Performers; Alive Inside; Always Learning; Have Fun. How many do you have?
Make it all of them. Push your business to shine. Make it fantastic!

Moloney, Gail - Social Representations and Identity, ebook

Social Representations and Identity

Moloney, Gail


Moving People and Shifting Representations
Kay Deaux, Shaun Wiley
3. Social Representations of Alterity in the United States
Gina Philogène
4. Identity Representations within Israeli Society
Emda Orr
5. Social Representations and the Politically

Migeon, Gaston - Art of Islam, ebook

Art of Islam

Migeon, Gaston


Islamic art is not the art of a nation or of a people, but that of a religion: Islam. Spreading from the Arabian Peninsula, the proselyte believers conquered, in a few centuries, a territory spreading from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Multicultural and multi-ethnical, this polymorphic

Miller, Bryan - Cooking Basics For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Cooking Basics For Dummies®

Miller, Bryan


The majority of people don’t know where to start when it comes to cooking a successful meal.  Packed with easy-to-follow guidelines and recipes, this full-colour, hardback, spiral-bound edition of Cooking Basics For Dummies helps novice chefs

Daniels, Geoff - Essential Guide to Blood Groups, ebook

Essential Guide to Blood Groups

Daniels, Geoff


A short, up-to-date text on blood groups, for people working or training in the field of blood transfusion, transplantation, or human genetics, but who are not specialising in the field of blood groups, the third edition of Essential Guide to Blood Groups is a pocket-sized

Lang, Sean - European History For Dummies, ebook

European History For Dummies

Lang, Sean


This book takes you on a fascinating journey through the disasters, triumphs, people, power and politics that have shaped the Europe we know today - and you'll meet some incredible characters along the way! From Roman relics to Renaissance, World Wars and Eurovision,