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Kessler, Günter - Sustainable and Safe Nuclear Fission Energy, ebook

Sustainable and Safe Nuclear Fission Energy

Kessler, Günter


The Development of Nuclear Energy in the World
Günter Kessler
2. Nuclear Fuel Supply
Günter Kessler
3. Some Basic Physics of Converters and Breeder Reactors
Günter Kessler
4. Uranium Enrichment
Günter Kessler
5. Converter Reactors

Hoffelner, Wolfgang - Materials for Nuclear Plants, ebook

Materials for Nuclear Plants

Hoffelner, Wolfgang


Table of contents
1. Nuclear Plants
Wolfgang Hoffelner
2. Materials
Wolfgang Hoffelner
3. Components and Its Production
Wolfgang Hoffelner
4. Mechanical Properties of Nuclear Materials
Wolfgang Hoffelner
5. Irradiation Damage
Wolfgang Hoffelner
6. Environmental Damage in Nuclear Plants

Eerkens, Jeff W. - The Nuclear Imperative, ebook

The Nuclear Imperative

Eerkens, Jeff W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeff W. Eerkens
2. Nuclear Facts and Fables
Jeff W. Eerkens
3. Energy Consumption and Energy Sources on Planet Earth
Jeff W. Eerkens
4. Technologies for Propelling Cars, Trucks, Trains, Ships and Aircraft
Jeff W. Eerkens
5. Electric Power Generation Technology

Azmy, Yousry - Nuclear Computational Science, ebook

Nuclear Computational Science

Azmy, Yousry


Table of contents
1. Advances in Discrete-Ordinates Methodology
Edward W. Larsen, Jim E. Morel
2. Second-Order Neutron Transport Methods
E. E. Lewis
3. Monte Carlo Methods
Jerome Spanier
4. Reactor Core Methods
Robert Roy
5. Resonance Theory in Reactor Applications
R. N. Hwang†

Ahn, Joonhong - Resilience: A New Paradigm of Nuclear Safety, ebook

Resilience: A New Paradigm of Nuclear Safety

Ahn, Joonhong


The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident: Entering into Resilience Faced with an Extreme Situation
Franck Guarnieri
Part I. What are Damages in Nuclear Accidents?
2. Does the Concept of Loss Orient Risk Prevention Policy?
Dominique Pecaud
3. How the