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Collins, James B. - Early Modern Europe: Issues and Interpretations, ebook

Early Modern Europe: Issues and Interpretations

Collins, James B.


This reader brings together original and influential recent work in the field of early modern European history.
Provides a thought-provoking overview of current thinking on this period. Key themes include evolving early-modern identities; changes

Campion, Jonas - Policing New Risks in Modern European History, ebook

Policing New Risks in Modern European History

Campion, Jonas


Table of contents
1. New Threats or Phantom Menace? Police Institutions Facing Crises
Jonas Campion, Xavier Rousseaux
2. Crossing Frontiers to Chase Offenders: The Hardships of French and Belgian Police Collaboration at the Beginning of the…

Alexander, Sally - History and Psyche, ebook

History and Psyche

Alexander, Sally


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sally Alexander, Barbara Taylor
Part I. Freud, Freudianism, and History
2. The Psychoanalytic Corner: Notes on a Conversation with Peter Gay
Michael S. Roth
3. Freud, Fin-de-siècle Politics, and the Making of Psychoanalysis
T. G. Ashplant
4. The Narcissistic Homosexual:

Bivins, Roberta - Medicine, Madness and Social History, ebook

Medicine, Madness and Social History

Bivins, Roberta


The Science of History and the Politics of Science
3. Porter versus Foucault on the ‘Birth of the Clinic’
Adrian Wilson
4. The ‘New History’ of the Enlightenment: An Essay in the Social History

Payaslian, Simon - The History of Armenia, ebook

The History of Armenia

Payaslian, Simon


Table of contents
Part I. Origins and Formation
1. Dynasties and the Geopolitics of Empire: The Ervanduni and the Artashesian Dynasties
Simon Payaslian
2. Culture, Language, and Wars of Religion: Kings, Marzpans, Ostikans
Simon Payaslian

Hewitson, Mark - History and Causality, ebook

History and Causality

Hewitson, Mark


Social History, Cultural History, Other Histories
Mark Hewitson
4. Causes, Events and Evidence
Mark Hewitson
5. Time, Narrative and Causality
Mark Hewitson
6. Explanation and Understanding
Mark Hewitson
7. Theories of Action and the

Santinello, Giovanni - Models of the History of Philosophy, ebook

Models of the History of Philosophy

Santinello, Giovanni


The Histories of Philosophy in France in the Age of Descartes
Gregorio Piaia
2. Philosophical Historiography in France from Bayle to Deslandes
Gregorio Piaia
3. A “Critical” History of Philosophy and the Early

Timmermann, Carsten - A History of Lung Cancer, ebook

A History of Lung Cancer

Timmermann, Carsten


Introduction: The History of a Recalcitrant Disease
Carsten Timmermann
2. Lung Cancer and Consumption in the Nineteenth Century: Bodies, Tissues, Cells and the Making of a Rare Disease
Carsten Timmermann
3. Lungs in the Operating Theatre, circa 1900

Levitan, Kathrin - A Cultural History of the British Census, ebook

A Cultural History of the British Census

Levitan, Kathrin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Envisioning the Multitude
Kathrin Levitan
2. “A National Undertaking”: Taking the Census
Kathrin Levitan
3. The Census and Surplus
Kathrin Levitan
4. The Census and Representation

Deloria, Philip - A Companion to American Indian History, ebook

A Companion to American Indian History

Deloria, Philip


A Companion to American Indian History captures the thematic breadth of Native American history over the last forty years. Twenty-five original essays by leading scholars in the field, both American Indian and non-American Indian, bring an exciting