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Catts, Ralph - Vocational Learning, ebook

Vocational Learning

Catts, Ralph


Social Partnerships in Learning: Connecting to the Learner Identities of Disenfranchised Regional Learners
Ruth Wallace
3. Where ‘The TVET System’ Meets the Performativity of Vocational Learning: Borderlands of Innovation

Filipenko, Margot - Problem-Based Learning in Teacher Education, ebook

Problem-Based Learning in Teacher Education

Filipenko, Margot


Discovering, Uncovering, and Creating Meanings: Problem Based Learning in Teacher Education
Margot Filipenko, Jo-Anne Naslund, Linda Siegel
Part I. Dispositions for Inquiry
2. Exploring Theoretical Frameworks of Problem Based Learning

Webster-Wright, Ann - Authentic Professional Learning, ebook

Authentic Professional Learning

Webster-Wright, Ann


Table of contents
1. Professional Learning at Work
Ann Webster-Wright
2. Mapping the Research Terrain
Ann Webster-Wright
3. A Phenomenological Perspective
Ann Webster-Wright
4. Delving into Methodology
Ann Webster-Wright
5. Authentic Professional Learning
Ann Webster-Wright
6. Rhetoric

Wang, Minhong - E-Learning in the Workplace, ebook

E-Learning in the Workplace

Wang, Minhong


Workplace Learning and Theoretical Fundamentals
Minhong Wang
3. Emerging Technologies for Workplace Learning
Minhong Wang
4. Overview of Workplace e-Learning Research and Development
Minhong Wang
5. Workplace

Barabasch, Antje - Work and Education in America, ebook

Work and Education in America

Barabasch, Antje


Dilemmas of Design: Education Versus Qualification in the US Vocational System
Jeff King†
3. The Multitiered CTE/VET System in the United States—From High School to Two-Year Colleges
Chris Zirkle
4. The American Community College
Carsten Schmidtke

Aspin, David N. - Values Education and Lifelong Learning, ebook

Values Education and Lifelong Learning

Aspin, David N.


The Ethics of Lifelong Learning and its Implications for Values Education
Richard G. Bagnall
4. Values Education in Context
Ivan Snook
5. Rational Autonomy as an Educational Aim
Jim Mackenzie
6. Avoiding