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 - Intellectual Property in Asia, ebook

Intellectual Property in Asia


Table of contents
2. Cambodia
Peter Ganea
3. China
Peter Ganea, JIN Haijun
4. India
Tanuja Garde
5. Indonesia
Christoph Antons
6. Japan
Peter Ganea, Sadao Nagaoka
7. Laos
Peter Ganea
8. Malaysia

Graham, Gordon - The Institution of Intellectual Values, ebook

The Institution of Intellectual Values

Graham, Gordon

From 13,00€

It contains chapters on the history of universities; the value of university education; the nature of research; the management and funding of universities plus additional essays on such subjects as human nature and the study of the humanities, interdisciplinary versus multidisciplinary study, information

Abel, Corey - The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Oakeshott, ebook

The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Oakeshott

Abel, Corey


This volume brings together a diverse range of perspectives reflecting the international appeal and multi-disciplinary interest that Oakeshott now attracts. The essays offer a variety of approaches to Oakeshott's thought - testament to the abiding depth,…

Gray, Jonathan - Television Studies, ebook

Television Studies

Gray, Jonathan


Television Studies provides an overview of the origins, central ideas, and intellectual traditions of this exciting field.
What have been the primary areas of inquiry in television studies? Why and how did these

Ng, Edwin - Buddhism and Cultural Studies, ebook

Buddhism and Cultural Studies

Ng, Edwin


Of Intellectual Hospitality, Buddhism and Deconstruction
Edwin Ng
5. The ‘Religious Question’ in Foucault’s Genealogies of Experience
Edwin Ng
6. The Care of Self and Spiritually Engaged Cultural Studies
Edwin Ng
7. A Foucauldian Analysis